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Lidl wants the trucks transporting goods for it to be safer. This is why the chain has adopted a number of measures to increase the level of safety of vehicles. These include blind-spot assistants in trucks and systems for removing ice and snow from semi-trailers.

As the chain stresses, the safety of all road users is the top priority in Lidl’s logistics. Therefore, from March 2020, the company will require its carriers to have a turn assistant in the new trucks. It does not matter whether the system is factory-made or whether the truck is retrofitted.

In this way, we are ahead of the legal obligation to use new vehicles with a turn assistant that will enter into force in 2024,” explains Tomasz Kuzma, Head of Logistics for the Chain in Germany.

The company also promised financial support for carriers for the purchase and installation of systems. However, it does not provide any specific information about the funding.  Currently, only 12% of the trucks carrying goods for Lidl are equipped with a turn assistant. 

In addition, the chain has created special yards at 39 logistics centres in Germany, where drivers can position the side mirrors in a way that minimises blind spots thanks to painted auxiliary lines. In addition, there is scaffolding at the facilities, where drivers can remove ice and snow from semi-trailers and cab roofs.

Photo: Lidl


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