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Insulate Britain protests hit roads around London

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We introduce you to our live coverage of the resulting traffic difficulties caused by Insulate Britain protests in and around the M25 and beyond.

A40 reopens

Katie Barnfield of Sky News has confirmed that police officers have successfully removed Insulate Britain protesters on the A40, allowing for the road to reopen.

10.27.2021 11:17

Protester says he “hates” having to block roads, but claims he has no choice

A retired doctor has been filmed explaining his motivations for taking part in today’s protests. The 77-year-old, who was covered ink that had reportedly been hurled at hit him by angry motorists, told Greatest Hits Radio London News that he had to do something due to government inaction:

10.27.2021 11:11

Footage shows Waberer’s trucker being blocked by protesters in Dartford

10.27.2021 11:03

Kent police statement confirms 14 arrests:

Fourteen people have been arrested after traffic on the A206 at Crossways Boulevard, Greenhithe, was obstructed in both directions.

At around 8.05am on Wednesday 27 October 2021, we received a report that a group of protestors had gathered at the location and some of those involved had glued themselves to the road surface, or each other.

Officers attend the scene within minutes and by 8.30am traffic was flowing in both directions.

Each of the individuals was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway and conspiracy to commit public nuisance. They remain in custody as enquiries continue.

Motorists are advised to expect delays and to use an alternative route if possible.

10.27.2021 11:00

CCTV footage shows tailback caused by Insulate Britain

A photo from Highways England’s CCTV footage shows the disruption caused by protesters on the A40 at approximately 08.15 GMT this morning:

10.27.2021 10:56

Insulate Britain protester feeling fine despite imminent arrest

10.27.2021 10:51

Protesters disrupt traffic on A206 Bob Dunn Way near the M25

According to Kent Online, Police were called to the scene shortly after 8am where people were seen sitting down in front of queuing traffic and had glued themselves to the road surface.

Officers say they have arrested 14 people obstructing the A206 in both directions.

10.27.2021 10:40

Insulate Britain issues latest statement:

We are not concerned with endless injunctions. We are not concerned with our fears. We are concerned with fulfilling our duties and responsibilities at this 'period of consequence.

Starting from 7am on the morning of Wednesday, October 27, the M25 will become a place of nonviolent civil resistance to stop our government committing crimes against humanity

This government, our government, is actively pursuing policies that will lead to the destruction of our country due to climate catastrophe.

Insulate Britain acknowledges the inconvenience and irritation we are causing to the public in our campaign, we ask that you understand that the days of disruption are necessary to force a government to fulfil its most basic of duties to protect and defend its people.

10.27.2021 10:40

Angry bystander takes on protestors in front of the police

10.27.2021 10:30

Insulate Britain issues statement

Insulate Britain has blocked part of the A40 in West London and a roundabout in Dartford this morning after declaring the M25 a site of nonviolent civil resistance yesterday. We are demanding that the government gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes, starting with the homes of the poorest people in the country. This is the fifteenth time that Insulate Britain has caused disruption on motorways and A roads as part of our campaign of nonviolent civil resistance over the past six weeks. So far, 146 people have taken part in the campaign and there have been 690 arrests.

10.27.2021 10:15

Blockades on A40

There are also reports of a blockade on the A40 in west London.

10.27.2021 10:13

Disruption begins

There are already reports of Insulate Britain protests taking place near the M25.

Roughly 50 minutes ago, a motorist filmed action from Insulate Britain protesters near Crossways Business Park in Dartford.

10.27.2021 10:10

Insulate Britain announces protests

Yesterday evening, the protest group declared the M25 motorway as a “site of non-violent civil resistance”.

In a statement justifying the actions it shall carry out today, Insulate Britain said:

In light of a national injunction covering England’s highways, Insulate Britain has declared the M25 a site of nonviolent civil resistance and called for motorway traffic to be slowed. You can’t imprison a flood, there are no unlimited fines against a famine, you can’t bankrupt a fire. You can imprison the ordinary people of Britain, yet the lives of our children and those of all future generations hang in the balance…

10.27.2021 09:53