Loading planner fully integrated with TMS

Goodloading, a simple-to-use loading simulator available for the browser, is now inviting you to test its latest functionality - full integration with TMS, WMS or ERP software.

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The application has gained great popularity all over the world. Despite its many features which save time or avoid unpleasant surprises at loading, the system is intuitive and easy to use. Goodloading is used by logistics, transport and freight forwarding companies as well as manufacturers in 80 countries around the world looking for solutions to optimise the use of cargo space.

At the beginning of 2021, the developer of the software announced the possibility of integrating with calculations of the application, which allowed receiving data on the free and occupied space of a truck, container or pallet and accessing the loading visualisation.

The functionality has now been extended with the possibility of integration on the so-called front-end side, says Martyna Strzoda, responsible for communication at Goodloading. The new solution will make it possible to pass all calculations made in the browser version of the application to an external system such as TMS, WMS or ERP, she adds.

The functionality can be used in two ways. The automated calculations obtained as a result of the integration and the link to the visualisation can be edited in the web browser, changed as required and passed back to the TMS, WMS or ERP system. Thus, the party responsible for loading will receive a complete and consistent project.

The other solution is integration with the Goodloading interface only. In this case, the entire project is created from the beginning in the browser, once the simulation is completed, it is automatically uploaded to the external system. Using this type of integration is free of charge and only requires access to Goodloading PRO and a connection to the system. 

The application can also be used directly by registering with your browser, whereas the obtained project can be forwarded in the form of a pdf or a link with a loading animation.

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