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Today, the legislation allowing for extended, more aerodynamic truck cabins approved by the EU Council last May has entered into force. Trucks with “prolonged noses” are to be safer and more fuel-efficient. Although they will probably not look like American trucks (see picture), the difference will be noticeable.

According to the EU regulations that have become effective today (1 September), truck manufacturers in EU countries can extend the front of vehicles by up to 90 cm. Importantly, the extending of the vehicle’s “nose” does not involve a reduction of the loading space.

The new generation of cabins will be safer, more comfortable for drivers and will save on fuel. This is good news for all road users and also for the environment, said Romanian Transport Minister Răzvan Cuc following the legislation adoption by the European Parliament in March 2019.

The aim of the trucks’ extension is to improve aerodynamics while reducing combustion. According to the assurances from Brussels, lower air resistance is supposed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. In addition, longer cabins will improve visibility from the driver’s seat, which will significantly reduce the blind spot. What’s more, the drivers will be able to enjoy greater comfort of using the vehicle.

Fotó: Pixabay


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