Lorries over 30 tons will be banned from inner Amsterdam

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From 1 October, lorries heavier than 30 tons will be banned from driving within the S100, the inner road ring of Amsterdam. The Dutch city ​​wants to protect its old bridges and quay walls by applying a weight limit on the roads.

Lorries over 30 tons will be banned from inner Amsterdam

The area where the new weight limit will soon apply is slightly larger than the current 7.5 tons zone, according to the Dutch TLN carrier association.

The organization was involved in consultations prior to the Amsterdam authorities' decision. The original plan included even stricter restrictions – the municipality wanted to change the zone available for vehicles up to 7.5 tons to a zone only for cars up to 3.5 tons.

Although this measure limits the city’s accessibility to carriers, the final measure is more acceptable than the previous plan, ”comments TLN.

The city also acceded to the demands of transport organizations that some special vehicles could also be exempted from the ban.

The most important changes in relation to the current rules of issuing permits for carriers are:

  • The conditions under which the exemptions are issued become more stringent, in particular for vehicles from 30 tons (e.g. for vehicles heavier than 30 tons and/or longer than 10 m – the exemption is only possible if the infrastructure and / or or the load is indivisible).
  • Exemption holders must be able to demonstrate on the spot that they have a final destination within the 7.5 t zone. There is no longer a requirement to submit five consignment notes in advance.
  • The special vehicle category is canceled. The weight restrictions also apply to those vehicles who have been considered „special” so far.
  • Additional rules of conduct are introduced along with the provisions on exceptions (e.g. no stopping on bridges for loading or unloading).

More details can be found on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam .

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