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Lorry drivers have been told to avoid travelling in the area of Liège as roads have been shut off to all but local traffic and emergency vehicles.

In a statement published yesterday by the Facebook page of TV station RTC Télé Liège, the authorities warned that “main roads are strictly reserved for local traffic and emergency workers.”

The city has been hit by the devastating floods that have cost lives and caused huge damage to areas of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The rest of the statement reads as follows:

Avoid the centre of Liège, A602, E25 there are huge traffic jams.

If you are coming from Luxembourg and have to go to Netherlands or North of Belgium, select E411 instead of E25. If you are coming from France and have to go to Netherlands, avoid passing through Liège city. As it’s a well known shortcut to avoid gas expenses, if you are coming from Netherlands, avoid going through city of Liège, you will be completely stuck in the traffic jams.

Waze and Tomtom have been alerted.

Although the statement was published yesterday, live traffic information from Google shows that road closures and disruption are still causing issues this morning (21/07).


Photo: Google Maps

Featured Image Photo Credit: Thibaut Mathieu, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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