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Maersk, one of the world’s largest container operators, offers a new AE19 service. The duration of rail-sea transport from Asia to the main ports in Europe is shorter than in other combinations. 

On August 7, 2019, a Danish operator’s container ship arrived in Gdansk after over two weeks from the start of transport at the port of Busan in South Korea. The total transport time (sea and rail) from Busan to Gdańsk is 18 days, which is more than twice as fast as in the case of ocean-only transport. In turn, the transport time under the AE19 service from Gdańsk to Busan is 22 days. AE19 is, therefore, a faster alternative to ocean transport and cheaper for air transport.

The new service is a combination of short sea shipping that allows you to connect several Asian ports with the port of Vostoczny in the east of Russia and the intercontinental rail that reaches St. Petersburg in 9 days. 

The last stage of transport is a short-distance sea connection between St. Petersburg and ports in Europe, e.g. Bremerhaven in Germany or ports in Scandinavia – we read on the portal.

AE19 is a standard product with a Maersk bill of lading for both refrigerated and dry containers. Thanks to the fast transit option in Russia based on blockchain solutions, customers can avoid congestion at border crossings.

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