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MAN launches TGX 4×2 electric truck on the UK market

MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd has launched its new TGX 4x2 eTruck in the UK, the company has announced.

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The MAN eTGX, the company’s first heavy-duty electric truck, went on sale in October 2023 and received 700 orders within three months. The vehicle offers a daily range of up to 800 kilometres and features a modular battery system, allowing customers to choose the number of batteries based on their needs.

The eTGX can charge at up to 750 kW, balancing range and operational efficiency.

Photo credits & MAN Truck & Bus

The heart of the MAN eTGX and eTGS is their battery, designed at MAN’s Nuremberg facility. The batteries offer different capacities, supporting a range of up to 800 kilometres per charge, depending on the configuration.

Options include:

  • 6 battery packs with 480 kWh for 400 km range
  • 5 battery packs with 400 kWh for 325 km range
  • 4 battery packs with 320 kWh for 260 km range
  • 3 battery packs with 240 kWh for 195 km range (rigid models only)

Photo credits & MAN Truck & Bus

The eTGX and eTGS chassis provide flexibility for various applications, with options for wheelbases, cab styles, and suspension types. The modular battery concept and drive motor positioning ensure adaptability for custom builds.

Meanwhile, the new MAN TGX 18.449 4×2 BL SA EB electric tractor, presented at HORIBA MIRA, features a 42,000 kg Gross Combination Weight (GCW) and a 330 kW motor. It includes six 80 kWh batteries, a 4-speed MAN TipMatic® transmission, and a 375 kW DC charging capacity.