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This is the story of an exceptional man whose career flourished in a rather unexpected way. Meet Victor Estévez.

Víctor Estévez (in the photo, in the middle) is the Mayor of the Spanish town of Concello de Portas, located in the province of Pontevedra. He has been elected mayor in 2015 but does not receive wages for his work in the town hall, because he would not feel comfortable with it. Instead, Estévez is also a carrier who is more willing to spend his time behind the wheel of a truck than in his town hall office – reports the Galician “La Voz de Galicia” daily, which tells the story of Víctor.

The Spaniard inherited the transport company after his father. Previously, after graduating from studies in engineering, he worked as an electrician, afterward as an instructor and founded a school. He resigned from his career to continue the family tradition and take over his father’s business.

He entered the world of politics because he wanted to change the ambient reality, do something for his loved ones and other residents of Concello de Portas. As the Galician daily reports, Estévez does not like to talk about his merits, although he did a lot for the local community.

When asked where he will be in 2019, after the end of his term, he replied that would be „in the truck, in the company”.



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