Melis Logistics takes over Synerlogic’s transport activities

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Earlier this month, a deal was reached in the Netherlands for Synerlogic to transfer its transport activities to fellow Duiven-based Melis Logistics.

Melis Logistics takes over Synerlogic’s transport activities
Photo: Melis Logistics press materials

Synerlogic has specialised in the transportation of chemicals and return of empty packaging for decades.

In a statement, Melis Logistics said it had been working with Synerlogic for some time in the field of logistics services, and wanted to further their partnership.

As a result of the deal, Synerlogic’s ADR and CLP certified drivers will be employed by Melis Logistics.

Commenting on the announcement, Mario Bussink, CEO of Synerlogic, said:

“Our drivers have been making a difference to our customers for years when it comes to our logistics services. They do this extremely professionally and with pride. The choice to outsource this service was therefore not an overnight decision. However, given the changing needs in our markets, a collaboration with Melis brings a lot to the table. We can offer even more services and have access to an even larger logistics network. In doing so, Melis helps us to accelerate the next step in the field of digitization.”

Nick Broekhuysen, the Melis Logistics’ General Manager, added:

“We are positive about our future collaboration with Synerlogic, where job retention can be largely guaranteed and Synerlogic can continue to serve its customers through our services. We will completely unburden Synerlogic in this area. It represents a nice extension of our current services in which we also see possibilities and opportunities for Melis Logistics . We look forward to our partnership with confidence.”

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