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Two Brussels politicians decided to spend the night in a truck to see what the transport industry really needs. Better late than never?

Members of the European Parliament – Wim van de Camp, rapporteur on driving and rest documentation, and Ismail Ertug, rapporteur on access to the profession and the road transport market, visited one of the Belgian car parks together with Matthias Maedge, the general delegate of the IRU (International Road Transport Union) in Brussels. Van de Camp and Maedge spent the night in the cabins of the truck.

MEPs wanted to gain practical knowledge about working in the industry before voting on the Mobility Package – reads in the IRU communiqué.

Lack of adequate infrastructure

After their visit to Belgium, MEPs stressed the urgent need to increase parking facilities across Europe. In their opinion, a cabin of a truck that is comfortable, along with the appropriate sanitary and catering facilities is a solution that can serve the industry for decades.

Drivers should not be forced to rest outside of lorries. However, to spend a restful night truck drivers need the right places. Drivers should be given the opportunity to sleep peacefully knowing that the truck is parked in a secure parking lot” – said Van de Camp (pictured below).


Source: IRU

He also admitted that truckers must have access to appropriate hygiene and catering conditions.

It is our responsibility to ensure that more car parks meet these criteria” – he stressed.

MEP Ismail Ertug also noted that the road transport sector is currently facing an increasing problem of lack of drivers and it is necessary to ensure an appropriate and safe working environment.

Secure parking and amenities are one of the most important conditions to achieve this goal. We must concentrate on areas where we can make a real change and provide drivers with the opportunity to return home” – he added.

Late awakening

Soon, the European Parliament will vote on the most important provisions for transport and its employees – the directive on posting and the Mobility Package.

Matthias Maedge hopes that the experience of politicians and their observations will affect MEPs.

We want to involve members of our organization and, together with Members of the European Parliament, discuss the effects of the Mobility Package, based on direct experience. This initiative and the fruitful discussions we held highlighted the importance of adequate infrastructure and a properly adapted legal framework for the future of road transport services” – said the IMU delegate.

Photo: IRU


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