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Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers charging stations for electric lorry customers 

To simplify the transition to electric lorries, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is now offering a comprehensive package that includes electric HGVs, charging stations, and consulting services.

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Previously, companies looking to electrify their fleets had to source these elements from different providers. The new “Depot Charging” package from Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims to streamline this process by offering everything from initial consultation to charging station installation under one roof.

The service includes expert advice on electric vehicle suitability for a company’s routes, as well as planning and building the necessary charging infrastructure at their depots. Mercedes-Benz Trucks has partnered with Alpitronic, a European fast-charging technology provider, to provide the charging stations.

Financial services are also included, with Daimler Truck Financial Services offering financing solutions for the charging infrastructure. This “single-invoice transaction” approach is designed to reduce costs and shorten delivery times for customers.

“We have been a pioneer in the industry for years with our wide-ranging consultation on vehicle fleet electrification,” said Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “Our eConsulting services have been continuously refined over the years through extensive customer engagement. As a provider of consultation and depot charging stations, we are meeting an important customer demand. In doing so, we aim to make the transition to electric mobility even easier for our customers.”

The new service is being launched in Germany at the end of May 2024 with pilot projects at dealerships, with a wider rollout and expansion to other European countries planned.