Photo credits @ Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes tests eActros 600 over 26,000 kilometres on European public charging tour

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is undertaking its most extensive test run ever with the eActros 600, its new electric long-haul lorry. Two near-series prototypes will travel across more than 20 European countries, each covering over 13,000 kilometres with a 40-ton load.

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The main goals of the “eActros 600 European Testing Tour 2024″ are to gather data on energy consumption in various terrains and climates, and to demonstrate the viability of electric long-distance haulage in Europe. The lorries will rely solely on public charging stations during the journey.

The eActros 600 boasts a range of 500 kilometres on a single charge thanks to its high battery capacity (over 600 kWh) and a new, efficient electric drive axle.

We have rigorously tested various eActros 600 prototypes over the past few years,” said Dr. Christof Weber, Head of Global Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “This upcoming tour underscores our confidence that the eActros 600 can excel in this demanding test, the most extensive ever conducted by Mercedes-Benz Trucks.”

According to the company, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has already received significant interest in the eActros 600, with over 1,000 firm orders and additional letters of intent reaching four digits. Customer deliveries are expected to begin in the second half of 2024.

“The tour will also allow us to expand our expertise on e-truck deployment and energy consumption under diverse conditions,” said Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “This will enable us to offer even better consulting services to our customers.”

The tour aims to raise awareness among policymakers, the energy sector, and the public about the potential of battery-electric long-haul transport and the need for further infrastructure development.

The official kick-off for the eActros 600 European Testing Tour is scheduled for June 11th in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

This initiative follows a successful sales tour conducted in 2023 for the eActros 300/400, when three eActros 300/400 lorries travelled over 5,000 kilometres across Europe.