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Migrants broke into UK-bound lorry three hours from Calais, reported the Road Haulage Association (RHA). There is no guarantee that truck drivers are safe in spite of hundreds of euros spent on security in France.

The migrants illegally boarded a truck during a break in Reims, about 275 km from Calais. They were discovered about 3 hours later at the Channel Tunnel by customs officers.

“Lorry drivers are fearful every time they cross the Channel and we advise them not to stop within 150 miles of Calais, but it’s clear that this problem is no longer confined to port areas. Traffickers are targeting UK lorries in towns and cities further afield – so if it’s Reims today where will it be tomorrow?” – said RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett.

If British services detect illegal immigrants in a trailer, the penalty is often imposed on the driver and the owner of the vehicle. For one illegal „passenger” you can get a ticket up to 2 thousand pounds.


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