More than 1000 Co-op HGV drivers and 200 Hanson drivers get pay rise

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Over 1,000 HGV drivers in the UK employed by the Co-op have secured a 5 % pay increase backdated from February, and another 5% from 1st November, says the Unite trade union. At the same time, lorry drivers employed by Hanson have also accepted an improved pay deal and better working conditions.

More than 1000 Co-op HGV drivers and 200 Hanson drivers get pay rise
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The Co-op drivers, who are predominantly members of the Unite union, will receive a 5% pay increase backdated from 1 February 2021 and a further five% increase payable from 1 November 2021.

The increases will also apply to all unsocial hours and weekend working premiums that drivers receive. As part of the agreement, the anniversary date for the next pay deal has been set for August 2022.

Unite also managed to negotiate pay rises for HGV drivers employed by Hanson:

“Over 200 drivers employed by the company had overwhelmingly voted for industrial action in a dispute over pay, a high handed management style and a lack of dignity at work” – reports the union.

Following extensive negotiations, a new pay and conditions offer was proposed. According to the deal Unite accepted, drivers receive:

  • a 2.75 per cent increase on all pay rates and allowances backdated to 1 January 2021,
  • a 3.25 per cent increase on all pay rates and allowances to be paid from 1 January 2022,
  • an increase in the overnight allowance to £42 per night from 1 October 2021,
  • a commitment to transform bank holiday working, with drivers informed in advance and volunteers used where possible,
  • mental health awareness delivered jointly by Hanson management and Unite shop stewards to be concluded by the first quarter of 2022,
  • a joint working agreement between Hanson and Unite including joint training from April 2022,
  • and the management agreed to share the fleet replacement programme with drivers.

The increase in pay for the Co-op and Hanson drivers follows a number of recent pay rises negotiated by Unite,. This includes DHL workers on the Dartford Sainsbury’s contract, and the Heinz distribution contract.

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