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The Spanish General Directorate of Road Traffic (DGT) revealed the thresholds of speed cameras on its Twitter account. Check when you can expect a speeding ticket.

Frequently asked by Spanish (and not only) drivers, the question about speed camera tolerance has finally been answered. DGT officially gave values at which Spanish devices do not take pictures.

Speed cameras tolerance thresholds

According to DGT, the tolerance threshold for Spanish safety cameras is 7 km/h with limits up to 100 km/h. In case of limits above 100 km/h, it is 7 percent of the given number.


The permissible speed is in red –  the speed at which the camera activates is marked in black.

So, for example, on a route on where you can drive up to 60 km/h, the camera will flash only when you drive 68 km/h.

On the other hand, if the speed limit is 100 km/h, you will receive a ticket only if you pass the 109 km/h threshold – according to the DGT communication.

Norwegian lack of tolerance for road pirates

Compared to the Norwegian tolerance thresholds, Spaniards can be considered soft. In Norway, you have to pay a fine of NOK 600 (approx.  60 euro) if you exceed the speed limit by 1-5 km/h.


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