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Real-time exchange of information between Volvo cars goes up to the next level. Thanks to the new Connected Safety system, both passenger car, and lorry drivers will be able to warn each other of dangerous situations on the roads.

Connected Safety is the result of cooperation between two concerns – Volvo Trucks and Volvo Cars. Such systems have been used by Volvo Cars since 2016. Thanks to the measures taken by the Swedish manufacturer, lorries are now also able to provide information on traffic situations.

Already this year, the drivers in Norway and Sweden will be able to use the system. Connected Safety will be made available in the FH, FH16, FM and FMX truck series as part of Volvo Trucks’ integrated information and entertainment system. For now, it is not known whether the system will require a subscription for some of its services.  The manufacturer declares, however, that in the future the system will feature additional functions, i.e. warning of slippery roads.


Connected Safety easy to use

The system is activated when the emergency lights in the car are turned on. The truck sends a signal to the Volvo Trucks service in the so-called „Cloud” via a mobile phone connected to the Internet. Then, the event information is passed to the appropriate Volvo Cars service. In this way, the signal is sent to all connected cars and trucks in the vicinity of impediments.

In turn, when a Volvo truck receives a signal of a dangerous situation on the road, a warning message will appear on the vehicle’s dashboard. Thanks to this, the driver will be able to reduce the speed early, and thus avoid any collision.



New technologies for drivers’ safety

Connected Safety is another solution that Volvo offers to improve the safety of drivers on the road. The Swedish company released a few similar products:

active cruise control that helps the driver maintain the pre-set distance from the vehicle in front,

automatic use of the emergency brake: the braking system is activated when the driver has not reacted to the collision warnings indicated by the appropriate software. The vehicle brakes slightly first, the transmission is disconnected, as a result of which the truck slows down,

Driver Alert Support: a program that tells the driver to stop for a break when the system detects signs of inattention.



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