NASA astronaut to deliver keynote at supply chain visibility conference

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Supply chain leaders from the likes of Henkel, Dow, Bayer, AB InBev and Zebra Technologies will share best practices during next month's global supply chain visibility customer conference.

NASA astronaut to deliver keynote at supply chain visibility conference

Former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski is to the deliver the keynote address during the FourKites Visibility 2021 virtual conference, which is to take place on Thursday October 7th.

FourKites, who independent analysts recognise as one of the leaders in the global supply chain visibility space, are to run with a “Go Beyond” theme for the 4th edition of the annual conference.

Organisers of the event say the summit will push “a bold vision for supply chains of the future, centered around automation, innovation and collaboration.”

During the conference, supply chain leaders from across Europe will have the opportunity to network, share best practices and insights, and collaborate on FourKites’ product roadmap.

According to FourKites, the event will be the world’s largest virtual supply chain summit.

Roy van der Heijden, Business Analyst at freight forwarder Int. Transportbedrijf van der Heijden, is one of those looking forward to the summit:

“FourKites' Visibility conference is exactly what the industry needs right now. End-to-end, real-time transportation visibility is a key priority for all companies, big and small, and I’m excited to hear from so many industry leaders and to engage with supply chain peers at this unique event.”

Now in its fourth year, FourKites’ annual conference brings together shippers, carriers, 3PLs and freight forwarders, as well as industry experts and influencers, for a series of information-sharing sessions, presentations and brainstorms on the future of supply chain management and automation.

Supply chain leaders from Dow, Bayer, Zebra Technologies, AB Inbev, Yara International and other customers, will take part in sessions that explore the next generation of international ocean freight management; best practices for improving supply chain efficiency and sustainability; how to manage disruption; and how to leverage data to make critical business decisions. FourKites will also showcase “leading-edge” innovations with its strategic partners Volvo Group, Qualcomm Ventures and Zebra Technologies.

As referred to earlier, former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski will deliver the keynote address. He was quoted as saying he is honoured to take part.

“Leadership is never an easy task. And with the massive disruptions and uncertainty that have arisen in the supply chain over the last couple years, it’s a truly Herculean task to be a market leader and create differentiation in a rapidly evolving market. I’m honored to address FourKites’ audience of market leaders as they push the boundaries of what’s possible and think outside the box when it comes to innovation for the greater good of the industry.”

FourKites founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal also said he was excited by the prospect of the event:

“We are excited to bring together this unique community of collaborative supply chain leaders across Europe. The pace of innovation in this industry continues to accelerate as we work together with our customers to break down barriers across today’s supply chains to enable true end-to-end visibility, analytics and automation.”

Since last year’s equivalent conference, FourKites says it has experienced record growth in its network, including load volume growth of over 50%, with up to 2 million loads and $100 billion in freight under management at any given time; 70% YoY growth in connected facilities, now totaling 6.4 million; 140% YoY increase in ocean and rail shipments; 97% growth in air shipments; and 22% growth in connected carriers in 176 countries across road, rail, ocean, air and courier.

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