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A nationwide 9pm to 4.30am curfew begins in the Netherlands tomorrow. All employees in the transport and logistics sector are exempt, but will need to carry two completed exemption forms.

One of those forms is an employer’s statement, which the employer must complete. Self-employed drivers can fill in the form themselves.

The second form is the ‚Self-declaration curfew’, which must be completed by the employee.

Both forms can be downloaded from the website of the Dutch government. The forms do not need to be printed and can be displayed digitally via a smartphone.

Employer’s statement

For the employer’s statement, the employer must enter the employee’s name, position and date of birth. If the employee works at different times, the dutch road transport authority recommend ticking the box labelled ‚I cannot indicate fixed times for this employee’ (Ik kan voor deze werknemer geen vaste tijden aangeven).

Employers must enter this information separately for each employee. The Dutch road transport authority believe this to be a burden on the industry, and have indicated to the government that this obligation should be withdrawn.

Self-declaration curfew

This form must be completed by the employee; it also does not need to be printed and can be shown on a smartphone.

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