Check out the Dutch fines for road traffic offences in 2021

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Causing unnecessary noise like tooting can be fined 390 euros in the Netherlands, but speeding can also result in high penalties. Check out our update on fines for road traffic offences in the Netherlands.

Dutch road traffic fines have remained the same this year as in 2020. Speeding in a residential area is still severely punished. Find the rates for exceeding the speed limits below:

How much does the driver exceed the speed limit? Speeding ticket in a residential area Speeding ticket in a residential area, in the 30 km / h zone Speeding ticket outside the residential area Speeding ticket on the highway
5 km / h 35 euros 56 euros 32 euros 30 euros
10 km / h 72 euros 108 euros 68 euros 64 euros
20 km / h 194 euros 269 ​​euros 185 euros 174 euros
25 km / h 263 euros 347 euros 248 euros 232 euros

The amounts of speeding fines in places where road works are carried out looks like this:

How much does the driver exceed the speed limit? Speeding ticket in a residential area Speeding ticket outside a residential area
5 km / h 56 euros 46 euros
10 km / h 108 euros 91 euros
20 km / h 260 euros 230 euros
25 km / h 347 euros 308 euros

 Fines for other offences

Check out the fines for other traffic offences:

– overtaking in the right lane – 240 euros,

– unfastened seat belt – 140 euros,

– driving through the red light – 240 euros,

– using a mobile phone while driving – 240 euros,

– failure to give priority to the driver on the right – 240 euros,

– changing lane or turning without switching on the indicator – 95 euros,

– driving a vehicle without a legible license plate – 140 euros,

– driving with fog lights on unnecessarily – 95 euros,

– causing unnecessary noise, e.g. toot – 390 euros,

– parking on site for the disabled – 390 euros.

Paying the fines

If a driver has committed a minor traffic offence in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Justice and Security will send them a letter with a letter M in the top right-hand corner about the type of offence and the fine. The fine should be paid in eight weeks.

The letter will be sent this letter to:

  • the owner of the vehicle involved in the minor offence, or
  • the person who committed the minor offence and to whom the police gave an on-the-spot fine, or

If the fine isn’t paid in time, two reminders will be sent out. The amount of the fine in the second reminder will be three times the original amount.


You received a fine of €50
First reminder €75 = €50 x 1.5
Second reminder €150 = €50 x 3

The full amount of the administrative charges must be paid in one go.

What happens if you don’t pay a fine issued in the Netherlands?

If the fine is still not paid, the ministry will transfer the case to the driver’s country of residence  – if it is in the EU.  They will endeavour to enforce payment of the fine.

If the case cannot be transferred to another EU Member State, the driver’s name will be added to the Dutch Tracing Register.

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