Lorry drivers in the Netherlands step closer to 7.5% pay rise

Lorry drivers in the Netherlands appear set to net a 7.5% pay rise and a one-off bonus of €250 following the latest round of negotiations between trade unions and the Dutch road transport association.

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As reported by Dutch road transport website TTM, the 4th round of the collective bargaining between TLN (the Dutch road transport association) and trade unions has concluded.

TLN says it is “well aware that there is currently an uncertain time” and that “rising inflation, growing economic uncertainty and the energy crisis affect us all.” TLN therefore notes that its members, as well as the employees of its members, would benefit from clarity concerning wage rises in 2023.

TLN then goes on to explain that its “final offer” consists of a wage increase of 7.5% and a one-off payment of €250 to be transferred by 1 January. In addition to this, there will be a higher allowance for daily costs and continuation of payments for time spent doing compulsory training. \

According to TTM, the two unions involved in the negotiation, FNV and CNV, have indicated that they will present TLN’s final offer to their supporters in a “neutral manner”.

It is worth pointing out that a 5% rise was proposed following the previous round of talks, which was rejected by the unions.

Photo: Steven Lek, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons