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Network Rail has announced it will share data on bridge strikes that can be added to navigation and route planning tools. The move is one of a few measures Network Rail is taking to avoid more bridge strikes in the future.

In a statement, the public rail infrastructure company said it has data on every bridge strike made in the last two decades:

“As part of our commitment to delivering a safe and reliable railway, we have compiled data from every underline bridge that has been involved in a bridge strike since the year 2000. This data can be added to navigation and route planning tools to enable road users to be alerted of a bridge that has been involved in incidents previously, so that they can take appropriate action.”

Any individual or company who feel the data would benefit them can make a request via email ( 

Network Rail argues that there “is no one solution to the prevention of bridge strikes”.

However, it does highlight 3 areas in particular in its statement:

  • the recommended system for signing a bridge at risk of bridge strikes
  • safety inspections to include the condition of traffic signs at and in advance of low bridges
  • road maintenance to consider the reduced clearance for vehicles at these bridges

Besides those measures, Network Rail has also developed the so-called 4E’s initiative, which aims to partner with the freight and passenger transport industry to reduce the frequency of bridge strike events. Moreover, guides have been produced in 7 different languages for the benefit of foreign drivers working in the UK.


Photo credits: Network Rail


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