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New CPC-accredited driver training launched to help secure HGVs against clandestine entrants

UK transport training provider Fleet Source has launched the first Driver CPC accredited training course specifically designed to address the issue of clandestine entrants attempting to enter the UK in lorries.

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Fleet Source has launched CEASE (Clandestine Entrants Awareness, Security and Education), the first UK training course addressing clandestine entrants attempting to enter the UK in lorries. Piloted with Sunbelt Rentals drivers, the course aims to equip operators and drivers with knowledge and skills to maintain safety, and security, and avoid fines related to illegal immigration.

An average of 8,500 people are detected entering the UK illegally via road transport each year. The government has raised fines to £10,000 per clandestine entrant, even with no individuals found but the vehicle insecure.

Nick Caesari, Fleet Source CEO, stated the fines “can be financially crippling.” The Driver CPC accredited course also addresses potential dangers to drivers, as clandestine entrants have been known to threaten or attack those discovering them.

CEASE covers clandestine entrant tactics, vehicle security, thorough checks, personal safety, and actions if a clandestine entrant is found. Fleet Source aims to fill the gap in detailed government guidance, providing drivers with tools to mitigate risks and ensure safety.

“Although the Border Force Civil Penalty Scheme mandates training as a requirement, there is a lack of detailed information from the UK Government as to what this should include. Our new dedicated training course tackles this issue by giving drivers the guidance they need to maintain their safety and security, reduce the risk of Clandestine Entrants, and avoid being fined,” concluded Caesari.