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New electric lorry megachargers to open in Amsterdam and Germany

Several new megawatt chargers for electric trucks are set to open in Europe. Shell has opened a megawatt charger for electric trucks and vessels in Amsterdam, while Aral Pulse and Citywatt have announced plans to expand their charging networks for e-trucks in Germany.

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Europe is witnessing a surge in the development of charging infrastructure for electric lorries, with several major players announcing new initiatives to facilitate the transition to cleaner freight transport.

To begin with, Shell has inaugurated its first self-developed megawatt charger in Amsterdam, capable of simultaneously charging both electric lorries and shipping vessels. The charger, connected to a microgrid powered by 3,600 solar panels, features two separate charging arms and is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and battery types.

Meanwhile, Aral pulse, one of Germany’s largest providers of ultra-fast charging infrastructure, is planning a GigahubTM in Bochum-Wattenscheid, which will be one of its largest charging parks in the country. 

The facility will include 15 ultra-fast charging stations with a total of 27 charging points, including three dedicated to trucks. The charging stations will have an output of up to 400 kilowatts, enabling electric vehicles to charge up to 300 kilometers within 10 minutes.

In addition to this, E-mobility charging parks provider Citywatt has officially opened its charging network for electric lorries at over 50 locations across Germany. The company claims to have one of the largest charging networks for e-trucks in Europe, with the capacity to charge both HGVs and trailers. Citywatt is also working on developing charging hubs for other electric vehicles, including cars, vans, and caravans.