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As of January 1st 2021, new rules of the European Register of Transport Companies (ERRU) will enter into force throughout the EU. All violations of transport law will be recorded, with a penalty system in place to punish repeat offenders. The new system even allows for a transport company to be stripped of their licence in the even of repeat offences.

The penalty points system was supposed to apply across the EU in 2013, but due to lack of preparedness from some member states, its EU-wide implementation has been put back to 2021.

According to the system, each violation of road transport law carries a certain amount of penalty points. Once a company’s penalty points total crosses a threshold, which is calculated according to the size of the company, it shall be subject to a suspension or even the loss of their licence. The legislation also applies to the transport manager, who can be declared not fit and proper.

The penalty points will remain on the ERRU’s system for 2 years, after which they expire.

The list of offenses that would entail penalty points is listed in EU Regulation 2016/403.  It includes violations of rules regarding driving and rest times, tachographs, working time, weight and dimensions, technical controls, speed limits, driver competence, driving licenses, the transport of dangerous goods by road, access to the market, and the transport of animals.

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