New Ford Trucks Tractor. It will enter the European market in September

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New Ford Trucks Tractor. It will enter the European market in September

Technology, performance and comfort – this is how the creators are advertising the latest model. The truck will have its premiere in September, but the promotional campaign has already begun. Although very little is known about the new model, one thing is certain – the truck will enter the European market.

For a long time, Ford concealed conceptual plans for the latest truck model. Until now, few secretly taken shots revealed its design. To the delight of all enthusiasts, Ford has recently released an official movie announcing the premiere of the new model. It is known that a live truck will be presented this autumn at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover (September 20-27).

Ford is aiming for the European market

What is known about the new Ford? Little. Work on it lasted continuously since 2013. The manufacturer praises primarily the power of the vehicle which is 500 hp. The truck will be equipped with a 12.7-liter Ford Ecotorq engine, which is considered more economical than the version offered in the previous Cargo model. In addition, the company announces that by 2020 it wants to release its own production gearbox.

The new model will be available for sale in 2019. The target market will be Europe.

Expansion plans

In 2017, Ford trucks were available in 29 countries. By the end of this year, the company wants to expand its network to 41 – mostly Eastern European countries. In two years time, the company wants to be present in 50 countries and enter regular sales throughout Europe. Ford expects that as much as 50 percent of sales should come from the European market in 2020.

Information on the launch of the promotional campaign was shared by Serhan Turfan, deputy director general at Ford Trucks. On his Instagram account, he shared a photo with a new truck in the background.

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