Miriam James, Silvey Fleet’s Managing Director - photo credits @ Silvey Fleet

Fuel card reseller expands into Ireland

Silvey Fleet, a British reseller of fuel cards and fleet management solutions, has announced its expansion into the Irish market from September 2022.

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The Silvey Fleet fuel card will give fleet managers in Ireland access to “competitively priced fuel at more than 400 sites throughout the Republic of Ireland.”

In addition, the online portal gives customers control of their accounts, including being able to order new cards or cancel existing ones.

Customers can also access invoices at any time, even when away from the office, and are supported by a 24/7 phone support service.

“Silvey Fleet offers enhanced fleet management functionality via its Miles Monitor product. For drivers, the mobile app enables the capture of mileage and submission of expenses. For managers, it makes the production of Revenue compliant, payroll-ready files and reports on MPG and CO2 emissions simple and straightforward,” reads the company’s press release.

Miles Monitor’s functionality includes checking driver licences, insurance policies and NCT certificates to ensure that they are accurate and up to date so that managers know this is under control.

The app can also help to identify where replacing existing fleet vehicles with an EV alternative makes commercial sense. An E-feasibility analysis will assess both the drivers’ circumstances and vehicle journey profiles to identify where electric vehicles would be viable.

Silvey Fleet is already supporting its customers with energy transition and providing payment options based on the customer’s requirements.

“It is incredibly exciting that Silvey Fleet is expanding into Ireland to offer our market-leading fleet management solutions to a new audience. We look forward to welcoming new customers to the Silvey Fleet family,” commented Managing Director Miriam James.