New road toll rates in Belgium to apply as of July 1st

New road toll rates in Belgium to apply as of July 1st

From the 1st of July, carriers driving through Flanders and Brussels will have to take into account higher road tolls.

The higher tolls have been justified by the “need to adjust prices to market realities”, i.e inflation and rising costs. The new charges will come into force despite protests by Belgian carriers.

The OBU (On Board Units) software of the six kilometer fee accredited service providers in Belgium will be automatically updated with the new tariffs applicable in Flanders and Brussels from July 1st, according to Viapass.

The increased rates apply to three categories of DMC and seven Euro emission standards. Viapass reminds you that the higher the vehicle’s Euro standard and the lower the total weight, the cheaper the journey.

Below you will find a full breakdown of the new costs.

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