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The new generation of Continental’s tachograph is to record the moment of crossing the border. In this way, it will ensure compliance with the regulations contained in the Mobility Package, which, after more than 3 years of work, was adopted by the European Parliament last week.

The Mobility Package has been an incentive to create new solutions for the transport industry. It certainly made a push for Continental, which started working on a new generation of tachographs in its Black Forest facilities. The DTCO 4.1 smart tachograph will record the moment when a vehicle crosses the border to facilitate monitoring compliance with the Cabotage and Posting of Workers Package regulations, reports.

DTCO 4.1 will register border crossing by means of GPS positioning. The device will also register the places where vehicles are loaded and unloaded. Inspection authorities will be able to use this data to check that, for example, operations such as cabotage have been carried out in accordance with the rules.

In addition to using GPS signals, this will be one of the first applications in the industry to use the Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) solution for authenticating Galileo signals, the portal informs.

Photo: Continental


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