New toll collection system in Slovenia. There is little time left to register

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On 1 April Slovenia introduces a new way of settling tolls. DarsGo, or electronic toll collection system, will apply to all trucks above 3.5 t. Other cars will continue to use a vignette system.

Truck drivers traveling on Slovenian roads must equip the vehicle with a DarsGo device. You will need to register in advance, which can be done at or directly at DarsGo office.

One device can be used only in one car. The registration number and emission class EURO will be recorded on it, which will be determined each time before the ride based on the number of axles of the vehicle. Based on the distance traveled, the system will automatically charge a toll.

Payment methods

Fees can be paid by:

– using a pre-paid method. Top up DarsGo account with fuel, credit card, cash or on the website,

– a subscription or post-paid method based on an agreement concluded with DarsGo or with a fuel card (transfer, card).

The administrative cost for each DarsGo device is an expense of 10 euros.