New toll rates in Serbia

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New toll rates in Serbia

Road tolls were increased in Serbia at the end of July. The rates are higher by 12 percent.

Not all motorways are toll-paid in Serbia, only some parts of some motorways: a total length of 645 kilometres with 47 road collection gateways. Fees can be paid with the majority of popular debit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, POSTCARD, DINACARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS), cash in local currency or using an electronic on-board device operating in the E-GO system. You can check the current rates after the increases using the calculator on the website of the “Roads of Serbia” operator.

Two toll systems

The collection of fees takes place in a closed and an open toll collection system.

In the closed system, a fee is charged for kilometres driven. The price of the toll is determined based on three criteria: rates per kilometre, vehicle category and number of kilometres driven. The closed toll collection system is applied in the following sections of motorways:

– Belgrade-Nish

– Belgrade-Šid

– Belgrade-Subotica

In the closed toll collection system, at the entrance, the road user receives a magnetic card which he transfers to the toll station and a service employee at the exit, who calculates the payment on this basis.

In the open system, the toll rate is set in advance for each toll station on a specified motorway section. This system is used in the following sections of motorways:

– Niš-Preševo

– Niš-Dimitrovgrad

– Belgrade-Čačak

Stations of closed and open toll collection system:

Photo: Putevi Srbije

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