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In a municipality in the Austrian region of Salzburg, transit bans on trucks were introduced at the end of last week. The local police are beginning to carry out increased checks on compliance with the new ban from this Monday.

The municipality of Lungau introduced last Friday (24 July) a ban of heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tons. This will reduce the amount of heavy traffic in the municipality of Tamsweg. Every day several hundred trucks in transit used local roads, whose drivers thus avoided paying tolls. The new ban does not apply to vehicles which start or end their journey in Lungau or the districts of Murau and Murtal in Styria.

According to the Austrian media, this week the police are to intensify their efforts to catch drivers who break the ban. 

Lungau is another municipality in the region that has introduced such a ban to relieve the pressure on local roads. Since June, such a restriction for trucks in transit has also been in force in Flachgau.

Bans for trucks

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