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On 1st July 2018, the toll collection system in Germany will be extended to all federal roads. Therefore, the administrator of the toll collection system Toll Collect has developed, on the order from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, a new, technically optimized toll collection system for trucks.

In practice, this means new weight categories will be displayed on toll collection devices in Germany as of 1st June:

< 7,5 t

≥ 7,5 t – 11,99 t

≥ 12 t – 18 t

> 18 t

So far there were only two weight categories: free for vehicles with GVW below 7.5 t and payable for vehicles above 7.5 t. As Toll Collect asserts, the current class do not expire thus far and invalid selection and setting one of weight categories in the range 7.5 t to > 18 t will not be punished. Furthermore, drivers will still have to indicate the number of axles.

Amendments to the law on toll collection

Currently, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure works on the revision of the law on charging the use of federal roads. For this purpose, Toll Collect has prepared a special report on the costs of living in Germany so as to help align the toll rates. According to Toll Collect, the law may impose additional duties for drivers.

Photo: Toll Collect


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