From January, Newcastle Clean Air Zone will apply to four bridges over the Tyne

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The Newcastle and Gateshead Clean Air Zone (CAZ), which will enter into force on 1 January 2023, will apply not only to the city centre but also to four bridges over the Tyne, warns a local newspaper.

From January, Newcastle Clean Air Zone will apply to four bridges over the Tyne
Photo credits @ Newcastle City Council

By the beginning of October, a network of  43 signs and 38 cameras were already mounted in Newcastle at the entry points around the boundary of the Clean Air Zone to alert drivers. However, the charge, which will apply to buses, coaches, taxis, heavy goods vehicles and vans that do not meet the required emissions standards, will only apply from 2023.

CAZ will cover not only most of Newcastle city centre but as well as routes over the Tyne, Swing, High Level and Redheugh bridges.

The toll will not apply to Scotswood Bridge, the A1’s Blaydon Bridge or any of the Tyne crossings west of those, and drivers can also use the Tyne Tunnel to cross the river, although that involves paying a toll.

The fee will be £50 per day for HGVs, and £12.50 per day for vans.

The table below offers a basic guide as to which vehicles are likely to comply with the CAZ requirements.

Type of vehicle Vehicle registration date required to meet minimum emission standards Name of minimum emission standards

diesel – after September 2016

petrol – after January 2006

diesel – Euro 6

petrol – Euro 4

HGVs after 2014 Euro VI

“Affected drivers will be able to get support, including applying for financial help towards upgrading a vehicle, so we’re encouraging people to check if they are compliant and get in touch to find out about the support available,” said Cllr John McElroy, cabinet member for the environment and transport at Gateshead Council.

Photo credits @ Newcastle City Council

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