No-deal, no chips. KFC chief warns of difficulties in the supply after no-deal Brexit.

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No-deal, no chips. KFC chief warns of difficulties in the supply after no-deal Brexit.

KFC UK and Ireland managing director Paula MacKenzie told the BBC that no-deal Brexit would hit the supply of chips. She said that the supply chain is the “lifeblood of the business” and warned a no-deal Brexit could lead to further shortages.

The head of KFC warns against disruptions in the supply chains if Britain leaves the European Union without an agreement.

“Our supply chains are closely linked to Europe – nearly one-third of the food we eat in the UK comes from the EU,” the bosses wrote. “This complex, ‘just in time’ supply chain will be significantly disrupted in the event of no deal.”

Almost all our chicken wings and legs come from producers in the UK, but many of the chips we serve come from the continent,” MacKenzie admitted.”

The KFC chief is one of the 12 high-profile retail managers who has written to the British MPs to warn them of the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the food industry.

The 12 companies warned the British government of the disruptions that no-deal Brexit would cause in the smooth operation of supply chains. The letter says that retailers have been hoarding, wherever possible, frozen and chilled products. However, it is impossible to store fresh food for more than a few weeks.

Paula MacKenzie thinks that companies have to think about what they can stockpile in the UK, because if there are massive breaks in the supply, the problem will affect everyone.

KFC has quite fresh experiences related to this. In 2018, the network struggled with a shortage of chicken, which was the result of a change in the delivery company. DHL, which took over the tasks from Bidvest Group, had problems in the first days of service provision. These difficulties resulted in temporary closure of approximately 750 restaurants.

Watch the BBC report where KFC’s UK and Ireland managing director, Paula MacKenzie was speaking about the day the chicken would chain run out of chicken.

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