Norway ratifies the e-CMR Protocol. This is the 26th country to rely on electronic transport documents

Artur Lysionok

Artur Lysionok

Norway ratifies the e-CMR Protocol. This is the 26th country to rely on electronic transport documents

Norway has acceded to the Additional Protocol to the CMR Convention concerning the electronic consignment note. This means that all Scandinavian countries will now recognize e-CMR.

According to the International Road Transport Union (IRU), Norway has joined the group of 25 countries that have ratified the Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) concerning the Electronic Consignment Note in force since 2011. 

Norway’s next step is to make the use of e-CMR mandatory and to ensure compliance with current road transport legislation. This will help stimulate digitisation and support economic recovery in Norway and beyond through faster, safer and more transparent trade, IRU reports.

The switchover to electronic consignment notes is also intended to increase transport efficiency – especially in times of pandemic – and reduce physical contact between transport workers and customers, as well as to reduce the costs of running transport companies.

Benefits of e-CMR

e-CMR has undoubtedly many advantages, both for carriers and shippers. The electronic consignment note allows carriers to conveniently archive logistical information. In addition, both the shipper and the transport company have access to data on the entire process, such as the place and time of loading, and information on where the load is located and with what truck it is transported.

In addition, further steps, such as invoicing, delivery confirmation or the initiation of complaint procedures, are faster and more cost-effective.

What is particularly important is that e-CMR can reduce the waiting time for payment for transport services. The carrier may, thanks to the digital consignment note, invoice the service provided immediately after the transport is completed.

Photo: Trans.INFO

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