Norway to plug gaps in mobile network along all its national roads

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Earlier this month, the Norwegian Parliament voted in favour of a plan to bring mobile network and internet coverage to the remaining parts of the country’s national road network.

Parliamentary representative Åshild Bruun-Gundersen says drops in coverage can present challenges for safety and emergency preparedness. He stresses that having a signal is important as it allows road users involved in accidents to be able to contact the emergency services.

Several proposals on the matter were presented in the Norwegian Parliament at the end of May, all of which received a majority. As a result, there will full mobile and network coverage along all of Norway’s national roads.

Following the vote, Bruun-Gundersen said that he was happy with the outcome and called it a “sensible victory for all motorists”.

It was also proposed that coverage be brought to any new roads added to the network.

Photo credit: Stefan Wagener / Flickr