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Drivers who ignore the „Red X” signs on the sections of intelligent highways in the United Kingdom can be fined for such offence. The camera system launched in the middle of May records these offences.

The British Home Office announced that it launches a system on 10 June to detect drivers who ignore the so-called „Red X” signs on highways. These red Xs are displayed on screens mounted on gates over intelligent sections of motorways. It is an element of traffic management designed to improve traffic flow and safety. Drivers cannot use the lanes with „Red X”. In total, 300 km of motorways are managed this way.

The fine for ignoring the Red X  is £100 and 3 penalty points, but formerly it was issued by the police only when the driver was caught red-handed. Thanks to the new cameras, the police can punish all road users who have not followed these signals without being on the spot.

Image: JohnBullas/ Flickr

According to the British Home Office, the police receives executive powers on 10 June, but will only punish later in the summer. The exact date is not known yet. We will keep you updated.

Photo: West Midlands Police/ Flickr


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