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The European Parliament will vote on the OBD port tomorrow. If it adopts a project without amendments, car makers will be unable to install equipment that has been standard in vehicles sold in the European Union for several years. And that can mean higher bills for drivers. Without an OBD, a non-dealer service will not be able to diagnose a failure. A visit to an authorized dealer will be necessary.

The OBD port is used for vehicle’s self-diagnostic. By pinning in, you can check, for example, the error codes in your car. Non-dealer services make use of it on a daily basis.

If the European Parliament votes in favor of the draft Regulation on type-approval of vehicles in an unchanged form, OBD may disappear. It is not on the list of obligatory equipment.

Bills might go up a few dozen percents

If this scenario comes true, it will hit the drivers in the pockets.

Drivers will have to visit authorized dealer services because each brand will be able to develop its own standard of communication” – alarms

„It is not known whether it will be possible to read the error record with a device that has no direct connection to the producer’s server. In this case, motorists who go to a mechanic with something more than replacing filters or pads would be doomed to the manufacturer’s service” – notes

The media estimates that bills can go up by as much as several dozen percents because the rates of authorized dealers are higher.

Photo: Wikipedia / 0x010C / CC BY-SA 4.0


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