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The mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khan, wants to fight „with deadly air in London.” To achieve the goal the city will reduce the traffic of older heavy goods vehicles and increase the area of the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

As Sadiq Khan recently announced, from 26 October 2020, older heavy vehicles will have to pay a fee of 300 pounds to enter the Greater London area (marked in red on the map below). Only trucks meeting the Euro 3, 2 and 1 emission standards will be subject to such a high fee. Drivers of Euro 4 and 5 vehicles will have to pay 100 pounds to enter the Greater London area, according to the British

Regarding the existing London Low Emission Zone (LEZ), the mayor announced that he intends to tighten the regulations. Only trucks, which comply with the Euro 6 standard will be allowed to enter. Currently, Euro 4, 5 trucks can also move through the LEZ.


Photo: Wikimedia/Diliff CC BY 3.0


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