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Seven countries and only one device for toll handling – Vialtis launches Telepass SAT. Thanks to that device, paying tolls abroad will be more convenient.

The company has launched the device named VIALTIS Telepass SAT which will be handling tolls in Poland (only on the A4 motorway), France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, and (from the late March) in Belgium. The company assures that by the end of this year, Germany will also join these 7 countries.

Here is a map showing the road network under VIALTIS TELEPASS SAT in 2018 (the countries marked light green) and the planned network (the countries marked dark green) which will be operated by a new device in the future.

Source: Vialtis

According to Vialtis, the NFC and Bluetooth technologies will make it possible to add a country without the need to change the device.

Box from competitors

T-Systems, Daimler AG, and DKV Euro Service also work on a similar solution. Those companies have joined forces in order to develop the EETS, i.e. „the European Electronic Toll Service.”

The implementation of the EETS is planned for this year. The box which is aimed at toll handling across the EU will be initially operating in Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, and Austria. Next, the system will also include Italy, Portugal, Spain and Hungary.

As DKV has previously announced, BOX EUROPE will appear on the market very soon.

The users will be able to install the device and transfer it between their vehicles. (The connection will be possible using the Plug and Play technology without the need to install the device in specialised workshops.) In addition, a convenient online registration and wireless configuration will be possible.


Photo: Bartosz Wawryszuk 




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