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One of the European capitals will soon ban trucks without the right-turn assist

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Vienna will soon ban trucks not equipped with the right-turn assist system. 

As of April this year, the right-turn assist for trucks with GVW over 7.5 tons will be mandatory. A new regulation will then come into force, which prohibits vehicles not fitted with this safety system from turning right.

However, the Vienna authorities have established a transitional period until the end of this year. Afterwards, vehicles will be inspected and, if not equipped with such system, drivers will be fined. It is up to the police to determine the fine for non-compliance. 

The new ban applies to the entire urban area – with the exception of the motorway crossing Vienna. 

The regulation defines what the right-turn assist system should look like. A system with a camera and monitor alone is not enough. It must also generate optical or acoustic signals. 

Austrians can count on the funding

Five months ago, a support programme was launched in Austria, under which companies there can receive up to €900 in funding to equip their vehicles with this system. According to the portal, equipping a truck with the right-turn assist system costs about €3,000.