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In the coming years, Hermes wants to spend approximately 100 million euros on personnel and salary costs. This is possible thanks to the increase in rates for services.

In March this year, Hermes raised service rates by 4.5 percent. In addition, the company announced that in November and December, i.e. in the hottest season in the courier industry, a special allowance will be added to the price of shipments. Last week, the company announced that it would invest 100 million euros in personnel and employee salaries over the next five years.

Thanks to that, in a few years, the employees of Hermes’ partners who implement 95 percent of deliveries in Germany, will receive at least 12 euros per hour. Next year, this rate is expected to reach more than 10 euros after the hike, although in some larger cities (e.g. in Munich) the wage is already above this level.

Hermes’ partners are fully independent companies that execute the company’s orders.

During the booming of the e-commerce market, our couriers and our partners are the backbones of the company,” says Olaf Schabirosky, CEO of Hermes.

By increasing its expenditure on staff, the company wants to emphasize the importance of its partners and employees.

Photo: Wikimedia/Gerd Fahrenhorst


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