„Operation Brock” is activated. The British government wants to avoid traffic chaos.

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„Operation Brock” is activated. The British government wants to avoid traffic chaos.

The British government has prepared emergency plans for traffic management in the event of no-deal Brexit to prevent traffic jams on the main access roads to the port of Dover and Eurotunnel. The project called „Operation Brock” has been activated today.

From today (25 March, Monday) the M20 contraflow is in effect from north of Junction 8 (for Maidstone) to Junction 9 at Ashford. Lorries heading for mainland Europe are routed down the coastbound carriageway, with a 30mph speed limit in place. All other traffic is directed onto the London-bound carriageway, with two lanes in each direction operating at 50mph. Drivers need to follow the different layout on the M20 from just north of Junction 8 (for Leeds) to Junction 9 (Ashford).

Source: Highways England

Under the new arrangements, in addition to the shuttle traffic on the M20, trucks can be directed to the Manston airport, which will be used as a parking lot. If necessary, the M26 motorway can also be closed and used as a parking space for trucks.

You can find more information on Operation Brock on the website of the British government and the highways of England.

Operation Yellowhammer

Operation Brock is part of a bigger plan, Operation Yellowhammer, which is to help the British government with short-term consequences of a no-deal Brexit. This plan covers many areas, from health care to the transport sector, including the deployment of the army, which could support a civilian administration.

„Operation Yellowhammer” plans also include actions to be taken in the southern Kent region to keep roads, hospitals and schools open in the event of traffic jams. The Ministry of Defense has already launched a crisis centre with 3.5 thousand soldiers in readiness.

Photo: Highways England

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