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DSC Logistics and CJ Logistics will use TES technology for automatic pallet wrapping as part of a pilot project. A robot performs this task much more accurately than a human being.

The TES solution will be tested for the next two years in logistics hubs owned by DSC Logistics. The company, in cooperation with CJ Logistics, a specialist in advanced integrated innovations for the global supply chain, has implemented a technology to secure the contents of pallets to be shipped or stored with stretch film. The robot that does this job is mobile, so there is no need to bring pallets to it. 

While not necessarily faster, the robot uses less stretch wrap, 70 percent of what humans use,” Richard Heintz, Supply Chain Leader at DSC Logistics says.

– And productivity is gained when the operator performs other duties while the machine is wrapping. So using the robo-wrapper technology results in hard savings,” says Heintz in an interview with

The robot-wrapped pallets were found to be more stable and secure than human operations. This is especially important when boxes with goods on a pallet are column stacked.

Photo: Bartosz Wawryszuk


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