Last Mile Brief 02/02/2023: Bring looking to grow parcel shop network across Denmark

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In today's Last Mile Brief, we bring you news from the Danish parcel delivery sector, plus reports on Amazon being investigated by Poland’s competition and consumer watchdog, and an interesting White Paper suggesting an additional service that could be offered by postal operators.

Last Mile Brief 02/02/2023: Bring looking to grow parcel shop network across Denmark
Photo: Bring press materials

Today’s headline story: Bring looking to grow parcel shop network across Denmark

Following a “record-breaking” Christmas sales period, Bring says it wants to expand its parcel shop network across Denmark, with particular focus on North Jutland, East Fyn and Aalborg.

In a press release, Bring said it would be expanding its parcel shop network due to increased demand in more rural areas.

“We have experienced great growth in Denmark in recent years, and now we would like to enlarge our service across the country. We know that many appreciate the simplicity of picking up their parcels from a parcel shop, and at the same time being able to use the opportunity to shop for their last items on their shopping list. With this investment, we want to reduce the distance to the nearest parcel shop – so that as many Danes as possible can pick up their parcels locally, said Bjarne Lauritsen, Director of Operations at Bring.

Bring has not stated just how many parcel shops it plans to open, however.

Some reports in the Danish press have suggested that Bring’s move has been a reaction to PostNord’s recent announcement of 200 PUDO point closures at retail stores throughout Denmark.

Last week, Helle Nielsen, head of retail at PostNord Denmark, told Danish TV station TV2 Nord:

“During the corona pandemic and the lockdown in Denmark, we extraordinarily opened several hundred new delivery points due to the increase in parcels, but with the current economic slowdown, it is only natural that we adjust the number of delivery points again.”

Nielsen was also keen to emphasise that most of the PUDO points PostNord has closed of late have been in large cities:

“Although we are now closing around 200 delivery points, we still have around 4,500 delivery points spread across the country. We have more delivery points than we had at the end of 2019 – and the vast majority of the delivery points that have been terminated over the past few months are located in the big cities.”

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