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FT’s Patrick Mcghee offers thoughts on Apple’s supply chain, China and Vision Pro

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Patrick McGee is the FT’s San Francisco correspondent covering Apple and US technology. He was previously in Frankfurt, writing about the Volkswagen scandal and the challenge to German carmakers from electric vehicles and self-driving tech. He joined the Financial Times in 2013 to cover Asian markets from Hong Kong.

Patrick was previously a bond reporter at the Wall Street Journal in New York. He has a Master’s in Global Diplomacy from Soas, University of London, and a degree in religious studies from the University of Toronto.

In this episode of the Alcott Global Podcast Leaders in Supply Chain podcast, host Radu Palamariu talks to Patrick about the following:

  • How Patrick started writing about tech, specifically Apple
  • Will AI be a driving force in what happens in the tech world?
  • The biggest geopolitical challenges for Apple’s supply chain and manufacturing
  • What will happen to Apple if there is a conflict between China and Taiwan continues
  • The future of Apple’s supply chain

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