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PepsiCo automates its crisp production plant in Belgium with Mecalux system

Beverage and food giant PepsiCo has selected Mecalux, a specialist in intralogistics solutions, to equip its massive crisp factory in Veurne, Belgium.

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The Belgian arm of PepsiCo aims to modernise its logistics operations with a fully automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) capable of handling the daily production of 2 million bags of crisps and snacks from Lay’s, Doritos, Bugles, and Cheetos brands.

Mecalux will install its Automated Pallet Shuttle system, known for its high-density storage and efficient product flow. The AS/RS will connect to the production plant via a 100-meter conveyor belt for streamlined internal movement of goods.

The system will feature four aisles with double-sided racking and twelve transfer cars, one on each storage level, to move goods to designated channels. Here, automated shuttles will take over and transport pallets to their storage locations.

To ensure real-time stock control and smooth operations, PepsiCo will also implement Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system. This software will integrate with the company’s existing ERP system, coordinating product flow from production to storage and efficiently preparing them for distribution.

PepsiCo acquired the Veurne plant 25 years ago, transforming it into one of Europe’s largest crisp and snack production facilities. Spanning over 40,000 square meters, the plant is known for its cutting-edge and sustainable technology. The addition of the Mecalux AS/RS system further strengthens the capabilities of the Veurne factory.