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A truck driver was tragically killed on Tuesday afternoon after a collision on the A8 near Pforzheim in Germany. Police say around 30 onlookers in the opposite lane filmed the aftermath of the accident using their smartphones.

The accident reportedly occurred after a 50-year-old lorry driver had failed to notice the traffic jam in front of him soon enough, resulting in a collision with other vehicles.

Tragically, the driver suffered serious injuries and could not be revived by the emergency services.

Filming accidents such as this is not legal in Germany or the Netherlands. According to the police at the scene on Tuesday, some drivers even went on detours to elevated country roads in order to get a better view for grabbing footage of the accident.

Moreover, some drivers who braked suddenly in the opposite lane almost caused another serious accident.

Those caught filming, taking photographs or needlessly onlooking could be fined around 1,000 euros.

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