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The transport industry is currently a showcase of the Polish economy. Eco-friendly, modern vehicles, well-trained drivers, modern logistics centers, high standards of service and work are just some of the elements that make us the leaders of the European international transport market. However, this was not always the case, the industry put a lot of work to achieve this position in less than thirty years.

It is worth adding that the years of the greatest development are related with Poland’s accession to the European Union. That is why the „Transport and Logistics Poland” employers’ organization decided to create a short clip showing how the industry has changed over the years.

Polish carriers today carry over 25 percent of all European road haulage. While there was a time when the choice of a Polish carrier was influenced solely by the lower price, we are currently chosen by contractors thanks to the quality of services provided and the security of entrusted goods. We owe this position only to hard work. Thanks to our companies, such a dynamically growing export and the entire commodity exchange of Poland and Europe is possible. Sometimes, however, we meet with unfair opinions about us, and public opinion is shaped by myths that have nothing to do with reality. That is why it is worth showing people who we really are and that we can make them proud.

TLP wants to show a real positive image of the Polish road transport to both Polish and foreign public opinion. That is why more productions will appear in the coming days. The material was fully executed in Poland with the participation of Polish transport companies.

See for yourselves how far the Polish transport has come:

Photo: YouTube/TLP



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